The new Elementa collection

Marco Piva’s outstanding creativity blends in Foglie d’Oro’s savoir faire

Elementa collection came about a result of a chance meeting between Foglie d’Oro and the internationally renowned architect and designer, Marco Piva. Two different paths, that starting from Italy have opened up their horizons, reaching great capitals, cities and metropolises all over the world, creating a contemporary, versatile luxury concept with a clear identity. Elementa conveys this encounter at its best: a collection of top quality wooden floors, elements of a creative syntax capable of giving life to one-of-a-kind creations.

While waiting for its official launch, planned for early 2022, we would like to show you some behind-the-scenes details of our Elementa collection and share with you the first sketches hand-drawn by Marco Piva, short videos about the collection and some previews of the design of floors.
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    Travel as a form of experience: experience as luxury.

    Before being an architect and designer, Marco Piva defines himself as a traveller. His anthropological outlook, his attitude to travel and his desire to get to know cultures are the essential inspirations behind the Elementa collection. Its design conveys a fragment of memory – an image, a scent or a sound that find in Marco Piva’s creations a unique and fully customisable shape. Nowadays, the real luxury is to make and live authentic experiences, as authentic is the beauty of wood interpreted by a great designer.

    At the origin of Elementa.

    The creative intuition transforms into a sketch.

    The creative sketch, which is an idea that takes shape and proportion, has its imprecision as its special feature. In this, it looks like wood – a living material as unique as the tree from which it is obtained. The challenge for Marco Piva and Foglie d’Oro is to respect the imprecise character of nature, highlighting its beauty and perfection.

    Quality, versatility, luxury. The international soul of Elementa wooden floors.

    Elementa, which is the plural of the Latin noun elementum, communicates with different geographical and cultural contexts: its expressive codes are primary elements, the alphabet of an open and adaptable compositional language.
    Simplicity and elegance, quality and luxury: Elementa is a set of “natural designs” able to ennoble the beauty of the wood and to bring out the best in the environments in which it is placed.
    Elementa is the ideal expression of the ability of the best Italian design to combine international lifestyles and trends, creating wooden floors of incredible craftsmanship, able to suit to the most different environments, preserving the harmony that only true luxury can guarantee.

    Discover Elementa through the words of those who designed and produced it

    Marco Piva and Fabio Brotto, CEO of Foglie d'Oro, talk about how their new collaboration came about.

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