Beyond the concept of customization.

Complete control over the wood supply chain, a competent, dynamic technical office, the extraordinary skill of vastly experienced carpenters: these are essential elements that allow Foglie d’Oro to go beyond the concept of bespoke creations and to offer an integrated approach to the beauty and design potential of wood. We place our expertise and creativity at the service of architects and interior designers worldwide, who recognise us as a creative, reliable partner for fashioning complete, bespoke projects, with the accent on the comfort that only the finest-quality wood is able to guarantee.

Exclusive formats, made to measure.

Board floors, featuring zigzag patterns and composed of geometric or inlaid modules: Foglie d’Oro offers an extraordinary range of formats, and also creates unique, bespoke design and laying solutions, tailored to the specific requests of the customer. This is why our products are much more than just elegant parquet flooring, offering sources of inspiration for an interior design approach able to combine beauty, exclusivity, comfort and well-being. The formats featured in the catalogue thus become a base for the creation of bespoke solutions that combine different designs and allow the wood to engage with other fine materials such as metal and marble.

Each floor has its own unique story and history.

We like to think of each one of our creations and floors as chapters in a story able to be passed down through generations, becoming a part of each family’s own personal history. We fall in love with each bespoke solution we create, and keep a sample of them all in our files, forming an album of memories and ideas to explore. This ensures every designer and customer who chooses Foglie d’Oro can always find a trace of the projects they have created together.

Stairs and furnishing accessories

The numerous finishes, designs and laying solutions for floors can also be chosen to create made-to-measure stairs, contributing to give all kinds of settings – both in homes and in the hospitality sector – an even clearer, consistent, distinctive identity, evident in every detail; and Foglie d’Oro applies the same bespoke approach to connecting elements, skirting boards and front panels.

Wood panelling for elegant walls.

The same designs that bring character to the wooden floors can also be featured on walls. Created in collaboration with Arte Brotto, the family furnishing brand, wood panelling is able to slot seamlessly into settings with different styles, from classic to contemporary, in a beautiful interplay established between wood and other fine materials.

In two words: Wood Interiors.
Discover our bespoke design.

One family, two companies, more than 50 years of history. The natural synergy between Foglie D’Oro and Arte Brotto generates Wood Interiors, a design philosophy that enhances the creative possibilities that our total control of the wood supply chain offers to architects and interior designers. Much more than the story of a project, Wood Interiors is a virtual journey through possible spaces: images, videos, gif, special contents and technical specifications.
Be inspired and discover what we can do together.

Designing total, unique, personal elegance.

What makes Foglie d’Oro so unique is our ability to listen to the desires and requirements of each project and interior designer and their clients, with a skilled, bespoke approach. From the choice of the raw material from responsibly managed forests through to installation, including CAD drawings and the analysis of possible solutions and alternatives, we’re able to monitor each stage of the creative process, which is essential to guarantee maximum quality. Thanks to the collaboration with the family furnishing brand Arte Brotto, we are able to offer an integrated service that has no equal in the sector: as well as for floors and furniture, Walnut and Oak wood can be fashioned into wood panelling, stairs, doors and furnishing accessories, bring an air of the most solemn forests to life in villas, chalets and lost apartments, as well as hotels, restaurants and golf clubs.

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