Supply chain, projects and emotions.
Made in Italy, since 1966.

A family, a territory, a passion for wood.

For generations now, the Brotto family has been an example of Italian wood craftsmanship at its finest.

The workshop training of Sante Giorgio Brotto, the founder of Foglie d’Oro and the furnishing brand Arte Brotto, offers a guarantee of the lengthy history of the company, which has been operating and evolving for over 50 years, in complete respect for nature.

Today, Sante’s children continue to carry forth the family business, combining pragmatism with creativity, as well as knowledge of the materials and design research, fine craftsmanship and enterprising spirit.

A story in history.

Foglie d’Oro is a genuine Italian story: known and recognised in Europe and worldwide, the company has remained deeply attached to a local area known for its entrepreneurial talent and impressive work ethic.

A benchmark for premium-quality wood floors, the brand is the natural evolution of a process that began in 1966 with the production of original collections of artistic furnishings branded Arte Brotto.

Foglie d’Oro is an original, expert heir to the cabinet-making tradition of the Republic of Venice, whose fine creations were exported throughout Europe.

Where the breath of nature is a crackling of leaves,
the beauty is born

Complete control over the production and supply chain

Complete control over the wood production and supply chain is the first and most important factor that makes Foglie d’Oro so unique: it is the only company in the world in its sector able to guarantee maximum quality for architects, interior designers and end customers.

From directly sourcing the raw material to laying flooring and creating complete made-to-measure solutions, all the steps in the production process are directly managed by Foglie d’Oro.

Responsibly managed forests

and our own sawmills

The quality of Foglie d’Oro wood floors goes hand in hand with respect for nature: where possible, we give all our effort to choose FSC® certified raw materials, sourced from properly and responsibly managed forests and subject to careful, precise tree felling and reforestation plans and from other controlled sources.

We have 3 sawmills in Hungary and 1 in Romania, so that the initial selection of the timber can take place close to the source. The trunks are then subjected to a completely natural seasoning process that can last up to two years.

The responsible management of the finest raw materials allowed Foglie d’Oro, brand of Latifoglia S.r.l. company, to obtain the FSC® Certificate (FSC-C012958). For this reason, choosing a Foglie d’Oro wood floor means taking care of all forests of origin.

In addition: Foglie d’Oro is the first brand in its industry able to check the entire wood supply chain thanks to Blockchain technology, by tracking each phase and ensuring the sourcing and quality of the wood floor safely and uniquely.

A raw material warehouse that has no equal

Once this phase has been completed, the wood is transported to our headquarters. Before being stocked by type, it is dried in Foglie d’Oro’s 42 kilns: this is essential to ensure stability for the wood and for the floors it will be used to create.

Thanks to Latifoglia, an FSC® certified Brotto family company that is a leading manufacturer and seller of fine wood worldwide, Foglie d’Oro always has a 20,000 m2 warehouse containing around 50,000 m3 of timber.

Quantity and quality are thus guaranteed: after a long, respectful selection and treatment process, the finest species of wood (American Walnut, European Walnut, Italian Walnut, Oak, Cherry…) are ready to guarantee a rapid, highly customised response to any request.

The finest technology: the hands of the craftsman.

At Foglie d’Oro, the finest technologies and latest software join forces with good taste and artisan skill: planing, brushing, carving and antiquing are all carried out strictly by hand.

The finishes, crafted with the utmost care in keeping with the Italian cabinet-making tradition, are able to create fascinating effects, with quality products that preserve the beauty of the wood and accompany it throughout its natural aging process.

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