New Elementa collection.
The eclectic creativity of Marco Piva meets the expertise of Foglie d’Oro

Foglie d’Oro meets internationally renowned architect and designer Marco Piva at a natural crossroads between two paths – indeed two journeys – that have set out from Italy and made their way over the years through the world’s major capitals and cities, tuning into and helping to shape a distinctly characteristic yet impressively versatile idea of contemporary luxury. The name that embodies this meeting of minds is Elementa: a collection of premium-quality wood floors that form the elements of a creative syntax able to build unique, distinctive creations.

A journey is an experience, experience is a luxury.

The architect and designer Marco Piva likes to define himself first and foremost as a traveller, and the essential inspiration for the Elementa collection comes from his anthropological approach, his penchant for travel and his desire to explore the cultures his projects resonate with. Expressed in the design of each wooden floor in the collection is a fragment of memory – an image, a scent or a sound seeking a place in the spotlight and crafted by Marco Piva’s creative spirit into a new form, in which the origin is evident and the unique, custom form is hinted at. Because today’s definition of luxury is the opportunity to enjoy an experience as authentic as the beauty of wood interpreted by a designer of uncommon talent.

The origin of Elementa. Creative intuition that evolves into design.

Creativity – the spontaneous expression of an inspiration that gradually acquires shape and proportion – is by nature imprecise: this is the essence of its distinctive quality. A quality it shares with wood, a living material that as such is unique and inimitable every time, just like the tree it comes from. So the challenge faced by both the designer and the company tasked with turning their intuition into flawless floors is to respect this apparent imprecision that is a part of nature, revealing its beauty and perfection. Observing the process that shapes Elementa floors offers the privilege of a unique perspective on this miracle of creativity and engineering.

“Thrilling, flowing and functional. That’s how I like to describe my approach to design, which has always been at home in major urban master plans, spanning architecture and interior and product design. In other words, I like to express the typically humanist ability to move through different contexts and disciplines, prompting them to engage with one another. In Foglie d’Oro, I have found the ideal partner to breathe life into a literally iconic and inevitably eclectic collection: iconic in that each pattern is unique and clearly recognisable; eclectic in that it cannot be reduced to any concept other than exploration, in which interior design is an open door into uncharted, uniquely personal territory.”

The six different types of flooring are able to bring on board a variety of influences, while remaining distinctly recognisable and maintaining their identity. The grain and the distinctive features of the Walnut and Oak wood provide the inspiration for patterns with a subtle yet clearly recognisable decorative impact. Each module offers a variety of layout options, each of which can be enhanced with material or colour contrasts to create surfaces that take on a sophisticated allure thanks to the inserts available, which can be chosen both with different wood finishes and with metal or marble features, creating original combinations suitable for a range of diverse living styles.

  • Ritma

    RITMA is a succession of rhythmically composed shapes that create an orderly pattern with an elegant pace. The Ritma module is composed of two elements that combine and engage to enhance the features of the surface, creating a smooth, seamless visual effect shaped by the original colour effects. A vibrant, dynamic surface, reminiscent of an engraved bas-relief, that highlights the material essence of a wood of lasting quality. Ritma brings a distinctive allure to the floor thanks to the subtle interplay of extraordinarily natural relief effects, reminiscent of the shifting sands of dunes caressed by the breeze, with a constant, rhythmic movement. The floor design was patented by Foglie d'Oro, the Latifoglia company brand

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  • Regolo

    REGOLO is the Italian for ruler, the instrument with a square or rectangular section, made from wood or metal, that we use to draw straight lines. Inspired by the use of the ruler to compose a structure, this is a flooring solution with a regular pattern, as the name suggests. The simple, linear Regolo module can be used to create a wide range of textures using the eight different wood finishes and enhancing them with a variety of inserts. The result is a floor with a clear, distinctive geometric pattern of simple lines, able to bring a stylish, contemporary touch to any living space. The floor design was patented by Foglie d'Oro, the Latifoglia company brand

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  • Zago

    ZAGO is all about an intermittent pace, sudden turns and changes of direction. A movement that takes one direction, then another, forming a zigzag pattern. This decorative motif features attractive, jagged lines, with a variable succession of shapes resembling a close pattern of broadly z-shaped letters: Zago. A single element that brings a varied, versatile character to the various layouts that can be created. The floor thus becomes a picture that recalls one of the most primitive, widespread decorations in human culture, bringing an original approach and design to the setting. The floor design was patented by Foglie d'Oro, the Latifoglia company brand

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  • Unda

    UNDA is the graceful, fluctuating movement of a wave. A cyclical, rising and falling pattern, varying in pace. Variants on a theme that is an invitation to follow the rhythm of the movement created. Variants that bring a vibrant allure to the floor beneath our feet, with a rhythm reminiscent of the waves that ripple across the sea. The Unda module, formed by as single shape of strips of the finest Walnut or Oak wood, in different sizes, offers the possibility to create a variety of elegant, flowing laying patterns, for floors with a naturally sophisticated look, featuring graceful lines that enhance the beauty of the wood. The floor design was patented by Foglie d'Oro, the Latifoglia company brand

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  • Eco

    ECO is all about opening up, engaging with the exterior, from a single viewpoint towards a wider, more encompassing perspective. The repetition of an element, of a particular je ne sais quoi that multiplies into a distinctive hallmark. The amplification of a theme, a voice that resonates and vibrates through space, building to a choral expression. The multi-faceted allure of natural phenomena has inspired and shaped the Eco module, and indeed it is the verb “to echo” that introduces the module, referring to a variable repetition of elements, in which rectangular and semicircular elements alternate to bring a dynamic touch to surfaces. The result is a visually striking, attractively arranged surface that is a celebration of the textures of Walnut and Oak wood, in the various finishes available. The flooring thus creates a smooth rhythm, with a subtle yet distinctive pattern, that resonates throughout the setting. The floor design was patented by Foglie d'Oro, the Latifoglia company brand

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  • Alveo

    ALVEO offers simple methods for creating elegant solutions nature is extraordinarily able to shape, starting out from a single cell. Geometric patterns based on the number six are particularly widespread in nature, found in hives, rocks, the skeletons of aquatic organisms and the eyes of insects. This is because hexagons are the most efficient structures to balance surfaces and equivalent volumes. In nature, nothing is wasted. The Alveo module celebrates the beauty of natural structures, with the repetition of hexagonal elements - which can be alternated with inserts in a variety of materials of different kinds - coming together to create a floor made of noble wood, in a sophisticated composition. The floor design was patented by Foglie d'Oro, the Latifoglia company brand

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