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Behind the beauty of our wood floors lies the care that goes into every step of the production process, from the raw material to the finishes, in a unique blend of technology and fine craftsmanship.
Words are not enough to convey the passion and expertise we put into each one of our creations. It’s essential to accompany the timber during the fundamental drying phase, discover just how we take care of each individual board, watch our specialised technical staff at work as they design a new floor using cutting-edge software and CNC machinery. Only then might you just be able to smell the fragrance of the forest and imagine the beauty of a unique, customised Foglie d’Oro wood floor.










Large sizes and original formats

Foglie d’Oro’s strength lies in its ability to smoothly combine the resources of an international business with the painstaking approach of a craft workshop. The efficiency of the processes that guide the production chain are enhanced by the exquisite craftsmanship that turns new style and material solutions into beautiful furnishings.

The generous stocks of high-quality materials in our warehouses, and our knowledge of the aesthetic and structural potential of all types of woods (gnarls, grain and colour), make it possible to create board flooring in large sizes, such as Jumbo Floor, and to imagine and craft zigzag pattern floors and geometric modules featuring unique, unmistakeable designs.

Contemporary interior design: technology and craftsmanship

In interior design, true product innovation requires a perfect knowledge of the oldest, most traditional techniques: with this vision in mind, Foglie d’Oro creates every single floor – with straight boards, zigzag patterns or geometric modules – using a combination of high technology and craftsmanship skill. Hand-crafted processes are an essential element in giving wood surfaces a unique, unmistakable appearance every time. Latest-generation software and technologies are able to guarantee production of a consistently, exceptionally high quality standard, for everything from residential projects to the larger settings of the hospitality sector. Exemplary in terms of the complexity of the design and the expertise required, Foglie d’Oro geometric floors are emblematic of the brand’s fine craftsmanship: the figurative or abstract patterns created by a precise composition of pieces of wood and other materials (brass, steel, marble, ceramics) are incredibly appealing and original.

Hand-crafted processes for unique floors.

Brushing, sanding, planing and antiquing, like all the other processes, are carried out strictly by hand, giving the wood surface a surprising, unique appearance every time.


The sanded surface emphasizes the grain of the wood flooring rendering it smooth and soft to the touch. This process is achieved through a special calibrating and sanding of Planks by means of specific abrasive papers.


This treatment provides that Planks are worked with special brushes that remove the most tender port of the top layer, which is the softer part of the wood, leaving only the harder one in place and opening the pore. This process highlights the wood grain to the eye and to the touch, conveying a very natural effect to the surface.


The softer part of the wood flooring surface is consumed by abrasion due to a sand and air blast through a process.The surface is therefore characterized by a multiplicity of micro incisions that gives a textured effect to the flooring.


Processing of the surface that lends a highly significant threedimensional effect. It is achieved by carving and rounding of the nodes and edges of Planks enhancing the strong structural character of the wood selected and sought for the realization of this special “lived effect”.


A special feature of our wood floors, entirely hand-made by master craftsmen. The planed surface is irregular and undulating, and under the effect of light bears a unique and exclusive look of great value and beauty, not mechanically repeatable.


The aging effect is performed entirely by hand with special tools that make the wood surface antiqued, reproducing the wear of time and of traffic. Small fake woodworm holes emphasize the characteristics of an antique wood flooring, creating a worn look.


The beauty of this kind of treatment is that one board is unlike the next. The process is carried out in a traditional way and faithfully reproduces the original cut of the saw on the wood. The traces left on the surface have a depth, orientation, and size which cannot be reproduced in the industry.


Processing carried out with the aid of the plane that generates a “rounded” effect of wear and usage of the outer areas of Planks, the most tender, creating a worn texture.

Endless finishes: a mosaic of colours,

for a beautifully bespoke result

Foglie d’Oro wood floors come in a wide range of colours, which is evolving all the time, with on-going research guaranteeing an extremely high level of customisation. Straight and zigzag boards and geometric modules can be chosen in the more natural Walnut and Oak wood shades, as well as with the contemporary elegance of black and white, or the timeless allure of smoky grey.  The numerous finishes available are created using materials that are extremely safe for people and for the environment, and the quality of the end result is guaranteed to keep the appearance of the floor unchanged over the years. Throughout its natural aging process, wood acquires extra charm and character, with its distinctive gnarls, grain and surfaces acquiring enhanced beauty and character as time goes by.

From customisation to project.

The complete control of the supply chain, a perfect knowledge of the craftsmanship processes and the large variety of finishes and sizes are important values, which all come together to define Foglie d’Oro’s ability to create complete, made-to-measure settings along with international project and interior designers. From the choice of the materials through to installation, Foglie d’Oro customises projects for settings to imagine, create and experience.



Advanced customisation solutions

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