The versatility of wood, for exclusive projects.

Whether for homes or the hospitality sector, a look at the projects by Foglie d’Oro always means a journey through the thousand and one possible forms of the beauty and comfort that only the finest species of genuine wood can provide. Villas, loft apartments, flats and classic-style dwellings, restaurants, prestigious hotels and delightful resorts nestling in the greenery: Foglie d’Oro floors and design expertise are able to offer the perfect solution. Join us to explore some of our projects from all over the world, and take some inspiration from the timeless elegance, versatility and warmth of wood.

Residential and contract projects

The versatility of wood for exclusive projects

Whether it is residential or hospitality, Foglie d'Oro's projects are the representation of the endless possible interpretations of the same values: the beauty and comfort that only wood, in its most precious essences, can provide. Villas, lofts, flats and classic homes, restaurants, prestigious hotels and charming resorts surrounded by greenery: every type of environment finds the perfect solution in Foglie d'Oro's flooring and design skills. Discover some of its projects create worldwide and get inspired by the timeless elegance, the versatility and the warmth of wood.

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Between history and modernity


Private Villa, Italy

Just a few steps away from the historic centre of Recanati, with a breathtaking view on the surrounding natural landscape, we find a wonderful villa able to blend in perfectly with the historical Medieval styled town. Light and rosey colours, along with squared shapes and wide archways that frame the windows, are all elements that connect the structure with the local architecture and make it a seamless addition to it. American Walnut, in Oiled Walnut finish, is a common thread...

The luxury of hospitality, in the heart of Budapest


Design panels Ombre, American Walnut Ca' Biasi - Luxury Hotel / Budapest, Hungary

The charm of the Central European atmosphere keeps unchanged over time, in the heart of Budapest. Entering the elegant Continental Hotel Budapest, a splendid 4-star hotel in the historic center of the Magyar capital, you can experience the unmistakable sensation of being at the center of encounters and exchanges of languages and cultures, with an international vision.
The refined mezzanine facing the lobby offers a privileged point of view for a luxury experience. From there, you can chat and...

Modern Nature


Design panels Frammenti, Oak Ca’ Gabriel – Private apartment / The Netherlands / By Linda Verlouw, studioLIV

The Netherlands and its contemporary art have a privileged relationship. Just think of De Stijl group, its research on the study of colors and rigorous geometries. The same goes for architecture, which in northern Europe often finds spaces for experimentation looking to the future, open to the contribution of architects and designers from all over the world. This attitude seems to be expressed in this private apartment, creating an elegant balance aimed to gladly live the domestic space: Frammenti floor...

Balanced geometry, between ancient and modern


Herringbone 90° floor Ca' Corner - Private Villa, Italy

Geometry and essential lines define the spaces of this house in the historic centre of Città di Castello, a place where the history that transpires from the external architecture is a constant even on the inside, intertwining with modern elements. The selection of furniture and decor is in harmony with the house’s style: well defined shapes that characterise it create a sense of perfection that’s a key concept for the whole environment. The cold shades of the walls and...

The taste of surprise


Tribeca Flat Engineered plank and module flooring Ca' Baseggio - Luxury restaurant / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Defined lines and neutral colors, fine design solutions, along with archways that confer rhythm and movement to the architectural structure, are all traits that create the aesthetic identity of the stunning luxury restaurant in Riyadh. Upon entering, clients are immersed in an experience of international style – a synthesis of modernity, romance and elegance.   The choice to use two Foglie d’Oro floorings contributes to defining the character of the bar and of the two main rooms. The...

Plunging into silence


Design panels Azalea, Oak Ca’ Corner – Luxury Hotel, Selva di Val Gardena, Italy

The solemn silence of mountains, the forest which leaves room for the rock and its trees. In the enchanting scenery of Val Gardena, Granvara Relais & SPA Hotel, a luxury accommodation facility where wood is the noble material of its architecture, chose Azalea modular flooring in Ca' Corner Oak by Foglie d'Oro to welcome its guests in the elegant hall. Thanks to the versatility of Azalea and its wide customisation options, the contemporary modular flooring is enriched with brass profiles...

Scent of the Orient in Switzerland


Tailor-made design panel, Oak Ca' Polo, Design panels Diamante, Oak Ca' Polo and Ca' Nadal, Design panels Frammenti, Oak Ca' Polo - Luxury Hotel / Lucerne, Switzerland

For the exclusive comfort of the Presidential Suite at Mandarin Oriental Palace Hotel, in Lucerne, the design of three different Foglie d’Oro modular oak floors define the identity of each room, all sharing a contemporary idea of luxury, with all the comfort of a high standard hotel. The bedroom and the living area host a tailor-made design panel in Ca' Polo finish while the floor of the living area hosts a Frammenti design panel, in Ca' Polo finish. It makes...

Luxury and nature, facing the ocean


Design Panels Incontri Special Grey - Private villa / Portugal

Incontri modular floor seems to be inspired by the dynamic nature of the ocean, moving even when it seems stationary. In this amazing villa in Cascais, Portugal, its distinctive design makes the authentic luxury interact with the nature. Special Grey finish enhances the beauty of the brushed Oak wood, creating a contemporary flooring, perfectly in tune with the furnishings and architecture of the spaces. In particular, the winery area, with its large window overlooking the garden, combines different materials -...

The house in the hills, with a sea view


Herringbone 90° Custom Ca’ Donà, in Ca’ Donà – Private house / Italy / By Officine C16

The sea and the hill, the nature and the interiors, the living and the sleeping area. An amazing apartment in Posillipo, one of the iconic places of the Gulf of Naples, combines and connects these pairs of opposites. As a trait d'union between contemporary design rooms, the large herringbone floor in Oak wood, Ca' Donà finish, custom made by Foglie d'Oro. The design by the architecture firm Officine C16 enhances the extraordinary potential of the apartment, set in the...

Exclusive elegance, with a lakeside view


Special Chevron Jazz, Matita, Tricot - Luxury hotel / Italy

Looking onto Lake Garda, this luxury hotel has been designed in every detail to offer guests an unforgettable stay. Each area of the hotel – from the suites to the bistro and the hall – has been given a distinct identity, thanks to the different designs of the flooring, fashioned in wood throughout to offer maximum quality and comfort. In the elegant hall, the Matita modular system, in the Ca’ Bollani finish and featuring inserts in marquinia marble and brass,...

Metropolitan hospitality


Engineered planks Ca' da Ponte - Hotel / UK

David Collins Studio has chosen the Ca’ Da Ponte plank flooring by Foglie d’Oro for the elegant hall of the Nobu Hotel in Portman Square, London, designed to transmit a warm welcome in an architectural setting that expresses British elegance at its finest, with a cosmopolitan soul that strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The choice of American Walnut, in the dark tones of the Ca’ Da Ponte finish, is perfectly in keeping with the identity of the...

Light and matter


Design Panels Petali Ca' Brando - Private house / Belarus / By Anna Lazar

Light floods in through the large windows and takes possession of the rooms, suggesting an interior design characterised by soft shapes and pastel colours. For this elegant apartment, the choice fell to the modular Petali flooring, in the brushed, stained and varnished Ca’ Brando European Walnut finish: a natural solution that blends with and enhances the delicate yet powerful approach adopted for the project.

Rhythm, space and light


Chevron 45° floor Ca' Marcello - Private house / Italy

Large, spacious rooms, featuring contemporary artworks and contrasting furnishing elements, alternating a classical-style design with more rigorous modern pieces and décor elements. What the rooms and styles in this splendid apartment all share is the elegant, dynamic allure shaped by the Chevron-pattern wood floors by Foglie d’Oro. With a 45° angle, and also known as French herringbone, Chevron flooring is an important, timeless element present throughout centuries of history of European interior architecture. For this elegant apartment, the choice fell...

Oblique appeal


45° Chevron Ca' Marcello - Private villa / Italy

The 45° angle of the Chevron herringbone flooring, in a finish that brings out all the natural beauty characteristic of the wood, is the ideal solution for a project focusing on diagonal lines, with an almost theatrical dimension created by the dividing walls that alternately conceal and reveal spaces, almost appearing to multiply them. The characteristic French herringbone pattern is not only featured on the floor, but also inspires diagonal geometries on the walls, as is evident in the wood...

Geometric decorations


Ca’ Biasi - Private villa / France

The combination of light-coloured walls with classic adornments and the decidedly contemporary geometric patterns of the boiserie represents much more than a simple juxtaposition of styles and periods, thanks to the designer’s skill in calibrating the alchemy created by opposites, and to the American Walnut wood flooring with the Ca’ Biasi finish: featured here are both straight and herringbone patterns, along with the extraordinary Diamante Chic inlaid module. The wood also provides the inspiration for the spiral staircase that connects...

The grammar of wood


Heritage Panels Ca' Brando - Private villa / Italy

The role played here by European Walnut wood extends well beyond that of an extraordinary raw material, setting the tone for the whole setting and featured in different yet perfectly complementary ways in a number of bespoke solutions. This concept is most clearly evident in the design of the floors, in which strips of wood and geometric modules are used to express the clearest of emotions: from the dynamic pace of the kitchen to the more relaxed rhythm of the...

The breath of the forest


Jumbo floor Ca' Savio - Private house / Italy by Emanuele D’Agostino Favale

The Jumbo American Walnut flooring, in the Ca’ Savio finish, with its maxi plank sizes, brings an unexpectedly solemn touch to the contemporary interior design approach, featuring a number of eclectic elements. Walnut wood has also been used for the stairs, and most strikingly in the extraordinary table with metal legs that is the keynote feature of the living area. A few dashes of colour provided by the ceramic tiles break up the regular pattern of the plank flooring, with...

The call of the sea


Engineered planks Ca’ Vidor - Private apartment / Italy

The American Walnut plank flooring, in the dark Ca’ Vidor finish, is both coordinated and contrasted with the furnishing elements in this splendid apartment looking onto the sea. The interior design project focuses on dark wood elements set within an atmosphere characterised by predominantly white and light-coloured décor features, and the setting is illuminated by the natural light that streams in through the large windows.

Luxury comfort


Frammenti custum finish - Hotel / UK

Designing a luxury hotel in one of the most vibrant international metropolises means creating functional environments with a refined design, finding solutions that ensure guests the best comfort. It is with these premises in mind that for the Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, in London, the Frammenti oak flooring was chosen, in a customised finish created by Foglie d'Oro to indulge the designer's creativity and define the aesthetic identity of this luxury hotel. Thanks to its extraordinary versatility, Frammenti is the...

Metropolitan nature


Engineered planks Ca’ Bollani - Private apartment / Russia

The American walnut plank flooring, in the Ca’ Bollani finish, runs right through this apartment, bringing nature into the heart of the big city and guaranteeing comfort amid the frantic pace of metropolitan life. The dark planks almost appear reflected and multiplied in the design of the wall units that resemble a vertical, abstract fragmentation of the flooring. Warm tones are also evident in the kitchen, featuring a corten metal worktop. It’s the combination with the decorative elements and the...

Dynamic harmonies


Engineered planks Ca' Sette Soft - Private villa

Land and sky, light and shade, spirit and matter. The use of white as the predominant (non) colour for the floors and walls and the dark tones of pre-smoothed and varnished wood for the flooring are the two opposites that strike a beautiful balance in this villa, with an interior design inspired by oriental spirituality. The American Walnut planks are a solution that teams beauty with the utmost comfort, shaping an inviting ambience in spite of the cool colours and...

Walnut treasure


Engineered planks Ca' Vidor - Residential Villa / Italy

American Walnut wood is a valuable solution that combines luxury and comfort, conveying these values with extreme versatility. The slatted floor chosen for this wonderful villa thus succeeds in covering every single room - from the living area to the sleeping area, passing through the kitchen and the outstanding winery - with the same elegance, even covering the wall in a completely natural way. The choice of the white basin on the dark walnut floor is extremely striking, creating a...

Classic and eclectic


Chevron 45° floor Ca' Corner - Private house

An eclectic interior design that teams classic furniture with more contemporary pieces, featuring wood and glass in warm and cool shades, all beautifully balanced by the Chevron flooring by Foglie d’Oro. Present in all the rooms, its perfect 45° angles set the pace that accompanies footsteps and expressions throughout the apartment. Also known as French herringbone, this type of parquet is very much a classic in the history of European interior architecture. In this splendid apartment, the finish chosen was...

Total Elegance


Heritage Panels Doge Classic - Private house / Ukraine

The perspective game of mirrors, the splendour of polished marbles, the shininess of metals, the softness of leather and fabrics. Above all, the warmth and charm of real wood, the absolute protagonist of a project where everyday experience is total elegance – an architecture of sensations, emotions, precious materials. The inlayed oak floor Doge Classic with American Walnut inserts accompanies the steps and seduces the eye, room after room.

A new take on tradition


Herringbone 90° floor Antique Ca' Molin - Private house / Italy

This elegant villa, nestling in the Veneto countryside, features an enchanting blend of classic and modern, thanks to a wise use of materials and the thoughtful insertion of contemporary design elements into an architectural context where the golden rule is proportion, but which is not without a pleasing, playful reference to classic style approaches. The Herringbone flooring by Foglie d’Oro, with a 90° angle, is the perfect expression of the soul of the villa: selected in the Antique Ca’ Molin...

Contemporary Workspace


Engineered wood planks floor Ca' Polo - Office / Italy

The elegance and the natural sensation of comfort only the finest woods are able to convey represent an essential value for contemporary workspaces. Individual offices and areas conceived for hosting small groups or plenary meetings must be able to provide a welcoming atmosphere in which people are placed in the best conditions to express their talent to the full. With this in mind, the Ca’ Polo planks by Foglie d’Oro, in smoked, brushed, stained and varnished Oak wood, are also...

The Fragments and the Whole


Frammenti Ca’ Corner - Private house / Malta

The Mediterranean Sea has always been a crossroads of evolving cultures, fragments that never cease to shape an ever-changing, sometimes contradictory but invariably splendid whole. Choosing the Frammenti flooring by Foglie d’Oro for an elegant villa on the island of Malta, and watching it shape a harmonious setting, forming a fil rouge that links the areas throughout the home - such as the living area and the delightful stairs - thus appears as a surprising, perfect metaphor of the most...

Sophisticated atmosphere


45° Chevron Ca' Donà - Private house / Italy by Arch. Leo C. Cagnetta / Maledetti Architetti Studio

The classic 45° wood herringbone flooring pattern is also featured on contemporary wood panelling in the sitting room and bathroom of this splendid villa looking onto the sea. This design choice highlights the versatility of Oak wood, as well as its natural elegance, offering a seamless floor and wall solution that brings striking character to the setting. The pale-coloured Ca’ Donà finish emphasises the important role played by both the natural light and the indoor lighting system that has been...

Timeless elegance


Chevron 45°, Ca' Corner - Private home / Italy by Arch. Isabella Denora, ph credits: Pierangelo Laterza

The distinctive character of the 45° Chevron pattern, also known as French herringbone, has allowed this extraordinary type of wood flooring to maintain its charm over the centuries, and to continue offering a perfect solution for any architectural and interior design style. This is supremely evident in this elegant home, in which the material and colour characteristics of the wood strike a contrast with the white walls and cool lighting, engaging splendidly with them throughout the setting, from the living...

Naturally contemporary


90° herringbone Ca' Corner - Private apartment / UK

The 90° herringbone smoked wood flooring, aged using painstaking craftsmanship processes to give it the allure of the material transformed by the passage of time, sets an elegant tone, bringing all the natural appeal of wood and the prestige of one of the laying patterns most characteristic of the European tradition into an interior design project with a contemporary focus. The dark tones of the Oak contrast beautifully with the metal and glass elements and the white of the walls,...

Gourmet experience


Chevron 45° Antique Ca' Baseggio - Restaurant / Italy - Project by Arch. Elena Paci (Casa Più)

Cooking is a 360-degree experience in Italy. In each and every dish, the chef pens a tale in which each chapter is an encounter between tradition and research – and it’s impossible not to sit back, close your eyes and listen, as flavours and textures unfold. Experiencing this to the full requires an inviting setting able to awaken the imagination, letting the dishes speak for themselves. Only the finest ingredients will do: materials with a sophisticated design, such as the...

London calling


45° Chevron Ca' Pisani - Restaurant / UK

French herringbone, with a 45° angle, is one of the most distinctive and best-loved patterns in the history of interior architecture, offering a perfect solution also for settings with a contemporary design, including apartments, villas, hotels and restaurants. Chevron Ca’ Pisani Oak wood flooring has been chosen by this elegant London restaurant to bring warmth, pace and aesthetic continuity throughout the dining areas. The flooring provides a splendid complement to the furniture and décor elements, featuring metal, marble and fabrics...

Rustic chic


Soft Rovere - Private villa / France

In this centuries-old abbey nestling in the greenery, the restoration project has sought to make the interiors a natural continuation of the building’s surroundings, fostering a continual interplay between the two. The geometries of the pale-coloured wood have a rustic flavour, tempered by the rigour of the patterns: the custom Soft Rovere coffered flooring runs from the rooms of the living area through to the simple design of the bedroom. The herringbone pattern brings rigour to the study, where the...

The future is fluid


Engineered planks Ca' Fumo - Private villa / China

The shades of grey that characterise the wooden plank flooring are emblematic of a universal, timeless style code: an elegant approach that adds comfort to the villa and accompanies the visitor smoothly through the various living spaces and functions. The relaxing, convivial sitting room can turn smoothly and effortlessly into a spacious, comfortable home workspace, featuring the Vivo table crafted by Arte Brotto in solid Walnut wood. Just a few steps away is a modern kitchen, and the same flooring...

The secret sitting room


45° Chevron Ca' Corner - VIP lounge / Italy

In the heart of Milan, tucked away from the frantic pace of the big city close by, is a secret sitting room where time seems suspended amid an air of luxury at its most delightfully authentic. This elegant VIP lounge embodies the typically Milanese concept of fashion as a perfect blend of art and entrepreneurship. Visitors are guaranteed to feel right at home amid the soft, light tones of the 45° French herringbone flooring and furnishings that offer an invitation...

Espresso design


Matita Ca' Donà and Giglio - Coffee shop / Canada

If you stop and listen to the sounds of a modern coffee shop, you’ll hear the unmistakable music created by the rhythm of everyday gestures. In the constant, frantic pace of daily life, each one of us has a different, uniquely personal experience. The modular wood coverings are the abstract representation of the magic that takes place here, with the colours of the Ca’ Donà and Ca’ Giglio finishes recalling the myriad variations on coffee – macchiato, cappuccino, frappé –...

Allure d’antan


Engineered planks Antique Ca' Baseggio - Private villa / Italy

Antique wood flooring has a particular allure, especially when combined with a contemporary interior design style. Featured here is a contrast that teams all the charm and emotion of a raw material shaped by time and the exquisitely simple rigour of the furnishings. This is exactly the magic that has been worked in this supremely elegant Italian villa, in which every element has been selected with skill and taste to strike a delightful balance.

Total black look


Engineered planks Onda Nero - Private villa / China

The plank flooring in the Onda Nero finish complements and enhances this decidedly contemporary setting, characterised by striking contrasts able to highlight the details, such as the club chair in a warm, intense shade of yellow, as well as the sophisticated geometries of the glass ceiling lamp. The emotion comes later, with the discovery that the apparently cold sensation of the whole opens up to reveal a close focus on comfort, a design principle that in this project takes a...

Chiaroscuro elegance


Bespoke panels - Store / USA

A fashion store for which exclusivity and bespoke style are a must could hardly fail to choose a custom solution for the flooring. Thanks to the composition featuring light and dark elements, the geometric pattern of the wood flooring panels interacts with the soft lighting to create an atmosphere of comfort and elegance perfectly in keeping with the designer clothing and luxury accessories showcased here.

Geometric inspirations


Engineered planks Ca' Donà - Private villa / Malta

Wood, class, concrete. The fundamental elements of modern architecture meet in a project in which geometries are the feature that seamlessly guides the visual and tactile experience from one material to the next, right through the home. These spaces are lived in with the same approach applied to a contemporary exhibition space, in which interaction with the various objects prevails over the requirements of the exhibition, and each individual plays an active part in a continually evolving experience. The Oak...

The order of things


Special Chevron Maxi Chevron Ca' Pisani - Private villa / Russia

The natural order of things, evident at first sight. The perception of all the multi-faceted beauty of everyday life, embodied in one place. In this walk-in closet, clothes, shoes and accessories are ordered to perfection, with a place for everything and everything in its place, contained and protected by the solid wood that brings exclusive character to the simple design of the metal framework. This solution is perfectly consistent with the setting in which this custom element was designed: a...

The luxury of space


Ca' Sette Soft - Private villa / Italy

The natural, timeless elegance of American Walnut is the perfect choice for the spacious settings that make up this villa, both indoors, where the wood engages attractively with the open brick and leather furnishings of the sitting room, and outdoors, where it is featured in the decking around the swimming pool. Solemn, luxurious and supremely comfortable, the villa features country-style elements with a contemporary twist. Especially noteworthy is the splendid custom-crafted main door, with the same finish as the flooring...

Exclusive atmospheres


Heritage Panels Doge Ca' Cenere - Private home / Russia

The graceful pattern of the Doge Ca’ Cenere intarsia flooring is formed by a hand-crafted composition of elements in different tones and woods, shaping the backdrop for a distinctive yet discreet luxury ambience. The metal and glass elements light up the soft atmosphere. There is no desire for ostentation in the design of this extraordinary residence, simply the aspiration to experience beauty at its most exclusive, shaped by outstanding materials and sophisticated style.

Extra ordinary


Design Panels Diamante Ca' Donà - Private villa / USA

The colour code couldn’t be clearer here, with white and gold creating an everyday impact of unique luxury, in an interior design project that focuses firmly on comfort throughout the setting, from the spacious lounge of the living area to the large, functional walk-in closet. The large windows engage closely with the splendidly eye-catching natural surroundings outdoors, for a wonderfully relaxing effect. The superior quality of the Diamante modular flooring, in the Ca’ Donà finish, featuring delightful hand-crafted intarsia work,...

Passage to East


45° Chevron Ca' Corner - Hotel / Turkey

A truly delightful hotel, in a land on the border between East and West, with a history and a vocation marked by exchanges and encounters between different peoples and cultures. The European tradition of 45° Chevron flooring, also known as French herringbone, is the signature feature of this spacious environment in which a temporary stay – for a rest during travel or a work meeting – aspires to offer the same comfort as guests’ own homes. The view of the...

Colour contrasts


Engineered planks Ca' Corner - Private villa / Russia

The wooden plank flooring is featured throughout the rooms – living areas, study and bedroom – and floors of this private villa, in which the predominantly classic furnishing style also welcomes a number of distinctly modern elements, such as the kitchen island with marble top, whose cool tones contrast attractively with the warmth of the Walnut wood. The wooden staircase has been custom built in the same finish as the floor, adding further harmony and coordination to the project.

Art Deco flavour


Heritage Panels Mogliano Ca' Rizzo - Restaurant / Mexico

A totally engaging sensory experience, offering a delight for both the eyes and the palate. A restaurant of rare elegance, in which a modern edge is brought to the sophistication of Art Deco, creating an atmosphere suspended in time between 20th-century nostalgia and contemporary luxury. Warmth, balance and soul are afforded to this classically modern ambience by the geometric rigour of the Oak wood modular flooring.

The experience of luxury


Herringbone 90° - Store / Dubai

In one of the most dynamic, trend-focused cities in the Middle East, this exclusive fashion store features a bespoke herringbone wood floor design to create a splendid backdrop for luxury clothing and accessories with all the bright, comfortable allure only the finest-quality wood can offer. This interior design solution is functional to the need to offer customers an all-round experience, essential to appreciate the value of the pieces on display.

Contemporary dacha


Engineered planks custum finish - Private villa / Russia

An evolution of the classic Russian dacha, this villa nestling amid the woods features wood throughout, teamed beautifully with the natural light that floods in through the large windows. The exclusively custom flooring, doors, furniture and kitchen strike a splendid balance between a contemporary approach to luxury and a tradition that has always focused on the spirit of the surroundings, embodied in the centuries-old trees with their intense green summer tones turning to endless shades of snowy white in the...

Queen of the island


Heritage Panels Asolo - Private villa / Cyprus

Rhythm, proportion and harmony are the founding values of the very idea of beauty, in art just as in architecture, and they’re expressed to perfection in the interior design of this villa, built in Cyprus, on the border between the West and the East, between classical and Byzantine culture. The Asolo modular floor is a perfect expression of this intermingling of cultures, bringing a new twist to the connection between the history of the island and that of one of...

British tradition


45° Chevron Ca' Corner - Private villa / UK

An elegant home with a characteristically English style and atmosphere, in which the flooring – in natural shades of wood – forms the fil rouge that stretches from one room to another. The plank, herringbone and geometric pattern floors, all in the same Ca’ Corner finish, characterise rooms with different functions: from the entrance to the sitting room and through to the kitchen that looks onto the garden through a bright French window. Every detail – from the choice of...

Country chic


Engineered planks Ca' Corner - Resort / Italy

Slipping out of the city, leaving the frantic pace of everyday life behind and delving into the heart of nature to rest and recharge your batteries in its warm embrace. This is the experience that awaits guests in this elegant resort nestling in the greenery, between the gently rolling hills and a horizon of light and flat ground, where wood provides the material and inspiration for a country chic interior design in which the Oak wood plank flooring in the...

The villa in the forest


Engineered planks Abete Calce - Private villa / Russia

The beauty of this splendid villa nestling in the heart of nature can be summed up in three words: light, space and material. The light that floods in from the outdoors through the large windows; the space that stretches upwards, highlighted by the striking ceiling lamp; the material present in numerous, multi-faceted forms: the exposed brickwork, the fabrics and the wood that shapes the furnishings and the planks that form the flooring. The flooring in particular, thanks to the contemporary...

In the heart of the metropolis


Engineered planks Ca' Corner - Private villa / Russia

Wood is much more than a design solution in this modern villa. It’s the material that succeeds in recreating a sensation of comfort and engagement with nature, in an interior setting with a contemporary character that looks onto an outdoor scenario marked by the dynamism of big city life. The Walnut wood plank flooring clearly embodies this sensation, featured in both the living and bedroom areas, where it engages perfectly with furnishing elements – the kitchen, the coffee tables and...

Versatile geometries


Design Panels Frammenti Ca' Corner - Private villa / Italy

Oak wood is the key material in this versatile, contemporary geometric pattern, featured with the same natural, effortless beauty on both the floor and the striking custom staircase. In this warm, inviting private villa, wood shakes off its solemn character and becomes the perfect material for a contemporary interior design project that offers a seamless blend of comfort, luxury and sophisticated style.

Discreet elegance


Engineered planks Soft Rovere - Private villa / Italy

Soft Rovere plank wood flooring not only guarantees beauty and comfort; it enhances an interior design style poised between classic and contemporary, featured throughout the home, from the living area to the bedroom. Bespoke flooring and wood panelling, complemented by furniture and furnishing accessories from Arte Brotto’s Segreti collection, come together to shape the authentic sensation of luxury that is the hallmark of this villa. What makes the difference are the premium-quality materials – first and foremost the wood.

The luxury of comfort


Engineered planks Soft Rovere - Private Villa / Italy

The light tones of the Soft Rovere plank wood flooring engage with the open-beam ceiling and the distinctive sloping roof of the large terrace the living area looks onto. The warmth of the Oak brings a softer edge to the geometric rigour that characterises the project, teaming with a number of the furnishing choices – the spacious leather sofas, the dark fabrics and the designer chairs – to create an ambience with the accent firmly on comfort.

French touch


Chevron 45° Chevron, Ca' Corner - Private villa / Italy

45° Chevron, also known as French herringbone, is the subtle hallmark of the bright, spacious living area, in which wood with a light-coloured finish is also a key feature of the furniture, with elements from the Segreti collection by Arte Brotto embellished with handmade artistic ceramic inserts. Rigorous without being austere, this elegant, modern villa has been designed with a focus on the essence, with a beautifully understated approach to furnishings and décor.

The harmony of opposites


Engineered planks Onda Bianco - Private villa / Italy

On the one hand, the dark brown tones of the leather sofa, the chairs around the glass dining table, the wooden table built into the kitchen for lighter lunches and the steps of the elegant stairway between the floors; on the other, the white of the walls, doors and kitchen... and to harmonise these two colour extremes, the Onda Bianco plank flooring, which combines the hallmark brightness of the settings with the strong character of the furniture and furnishing accessories.

Luxury and lightness


Engineered planks Ca' Morosini - Private villa / Russia

Characterised by a delightful mezzanine that runs right around the living area, this villa strikes a perfect balance between luxury and lightness. The Oak wood plank flooring, in a light finish, helps shape a sophisticated ambience, in which a number of details make a striking impact: the artistic ceramic inserts on the front panel of the sideboard and the display case in the sitting room, both from the Segreti collection by Arte Brotto, engage with the furnishing pieces and artworks,...

Essential beauty


Engineered planks Ca' Donà - Private villa / Italy

The eyes of Audrey Hepburn in the picture that graces the wall of the attic floor reveals the concept underlying the design of this villa: authentic beauty is a question of elegance, and needs no frivolous embellishments. The choice of light-coloured finishes for the wood embodies the material tradition of this concept, and the plank flooring guides the observer through exceptionally bright, inviting rooms, able to welcome all the light that floods in from the outdoors and gift it to...

Contemporary classic


Bespoke Herringbone - Private villa / Italy

The bespoke herringbone Walnut flooring is the discreet, elegant keynote feature that runs throughout the home, from the living area to the bathroom. The design features one of the most characteristic patterns of the European interior architecture tradition, which in this case engages with a decidedly contemporary furnishing style, in which vibrant colour solutions – such as the red sofa and a number of décor elements – stand out against a deliberately neutral background, featuring predominantly white tones.

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