The versatility of wood, for exclusive projects.

Whether for homes or the hospitality sector, a look at the projects by Foglie d’Oro always means a journey through the thousand and one possible forms of the beauty and comfort that only the finest species of genuine wood can provide. Villas, loft apartments, flats and classic-style dwellings, restaurants, prestigious hotels and delightful resorts nestling in the greenery: Foglie d’Oro floors and design expertise are able to offer the perfect solution. Join us to explore some of our projects from all over the world, and take some inspiration from the timeless elegance, versatility and warmth of wood.


Balanced geometry, between ancient and modern

Herringbone 90° floor Ca' Corner - Private Villa, Italy

Geometry and essential lines define the spaces of this house in the historic centre of Città di Castello, a place where the history that transpires from the external architecture is a constant even on the inside, intertwining with modern elements. The selection of furniture and decor is in harmony with the house’s style: well defined shapes that characterise it create a sense of perfection that’s a key concept for the whole environment. The cold shades of the walls and of the table generate a pleasing contrast with the brown hues that characterise the flooring and most of the furniture—creating a stylish yet comfortable space. The choice to use the Herringbone 90° chevron floor by Foglie d’Oro in the whole house contributes to strengthening the aesthetic identity of it, fitting ideally the geometries that characterise the structure and the furniture. The Oak, in Ca’ Corner finishing, is smoked, brushed, stained and varnished, these treatments tone its colour down and allow its natural characteristics to shine through.


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