The versatility of wood, for exclusive projects.

Whether for homes or the hospitality sector, a look at the projects by Foglie d’Oro always means a journey through the thousand and one possible forms of the beauty and comfort that only the finest species of genuine wood can provide. Villas, loft apartments, flats and classic-style dwellings, restaurants, prestigious hotels and delightful resorts nestling in the greenery: Foglie d’Oro floors and design expertise are able to offer the perfect solution. Join us to explore some of our projects from all over the world, and take some inspiration from the timeless elegance, versatility and warmth of wood.


Espresso design

Matita Ca' Donà and Giglio - Coffee shop / Canada

If you stop and listen to the sounds of a modern coffee shop, you’ll hear the unmistakable music created by the rhythm of everyday gestures. In the constant, frantic pace of daily life, each one of us has a different, uniquely personal experience. The modular wood coverings are the abstract representation of the magic that takes place here, with the colours of the Ca’ Donà and Ca’ Giglio finishes recalling the myriad variations on coffee – macchiato, cappuccino, frappé – while the geometries that continue from the walls across the floor and the ceiling represent the passage of time and of customers through the coffee shop. Personality and a personal touch are brought by the special Matita module, an ideal design solution thanks to the endless composition options it offers.

GalleryFor this project Foglie d'Oro has created bespoke products. Find out how we can customise our products in a totally original way by visiting the Bespoke section of the website.

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