If you’re looking for the natural beauty of Walnut wood floors, Foglie d’Oro is the right place

Foglie d’Oro is renowned worldwide as the Walnut flooring brand par excellence. Contact us to create unique projects featuring fine wood flooring, able to combine

Beauty – Comfort – Sustainability

Complete control of the supply chain: from the tree to the installation

Complete control of the wood supply chain is the main essential factor that makes Foglie d’Oro unique. From sourcing the finest Walnut wood directly from responsibly managed forests with carefully planned cutting and planting to installation in complete, bespoke living spaces, Foglie d’Oro directly manages every step in the production process.

Fine Walnut wood: American or European?

American or European Walnut parquet floors are one of the leading trends in interior design, due to their ability to combine comfort, sophisticated style and durability (Walnut is a resistant, hard wood).
Foglie d’Oro is able to offer floors in both types of Walnut, even during periods when such a high-quality raw material can be difficult to source.
Finding out more about the characteristics of American Walnut wood and European Walnut wood can help you choose the most suitable flooring for your project.

American Walnut wood

American Walnut is larger, with a more linear grain and a colour that tends towards dark brown.

European Walnut wood

European Walnut wood tends towards yellow in colour. The trunk is smaller and the grain pattern is more complex.

Select or Rustic quality Walnut wood: what’s the difference, and how to choose.

In addition to offering both American Walnut and European Walnut floors, Foglie d’Oro offers both varieties in two different types: Select Walnut and Rustic Walnut. The right choice for you will depend mainly on the interior design style the parquet flooring is to help create: while the Select option has next to no gnarls, these are a distinctive feature of Rustic Walnut, carefully engineered by Foglie d’Oro to ensure this natural feature of the wood shapes the style identity of prestige flooring. Select American or European Walnut is thus the ideal solution for settings where ultra-pure shapes and highly distinctive finishes require equally unique flooring, whereas Rustic American or European Walnut is the perfect complement to a warmer, country chic interior design look, but also engages effectively with post-industrial style.

Our projects with Walnut wood floors

A large number of residential, commercial and luxury hospitality projects have been created all over the world featuring Foglie d’Oro Walnut wood floors.

Plank, herringbone/chevron and modular Walnut floors:
a full range of options, in a host of different shades.

Foglie d’Oro creates Walnut floors in all the main sizes, enhancing the unique, solemn beauty of Walnut wood. Options include both standard and extra-large solutions, such as the Jumbo Floor planks – up to 450 cm long – or the Maxi Chevron pattern.
What’s more, the Foglie d’Oro range of floors can also offer inspiration to request bespoke parquet, allowing you to choose your own finishes (in all shades, from light to dark wood, as well as more unusual and contemporary solutions), shapes and patterns.

Choose the design of the floor

Choose the shade of the wood

Choose the wood

View all our floors by type of wood: Oak, European Walnut, American Walnut...

  • Dark European Walnut Flooring
  • Dark American Walnut Flooring
  • Dark Oak Flooring
  • Light European Walnut Flooring
  • Light American Walnut Flooring
  • Light Oak Flooring
  • Gray Oak Flooring
  • Coloured American Walnut

Would you like to choose a Walnut floor, with a guarantee of top quality from the choice of the shapes, patterns and finishes through to installation?

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