Beauty and versatility of American Walnut wood in an elegant contemporary villa

American Walnut wood is a material that combines luxury, sustainability and comfort. The complete control of the supply chain and the ability in working this precious type of wood allow Foglie d’Oro to enhance its aesthetic and structural characteristics. This makes walnut wood a versatile solution as if it were endowed with its own wisdom, to be discovered and turned into beauty to live. Evidence of this is an elegant contemporary villa in the hills of Verona, where American Walnut becomes a distinctive element, as a theme among the rooms.

Contrast and balance: these are the two words most representative of the character of this project, even at first glance. The natural shades of Walnut wood are chosen for the finishes of the slatted floor contrast with the white, the prevailing colour used in the architectural elements and in the main furnishing elements, resulting in a balanced chromatic effect. The white tub suggestively lies directly on the floor.

It is thanks to a third concept that contrast and balance can coexist: customization. Foglie d’Oro stands out from any other brand thanks to the quantity and quality of raw materials for its availability (and skills) to create complete, made-to-measure and consistent areas. The elegant winery, the stairs, and the wall panelings in the sleeping area are also made of American Walnut, same wood finish as the floors.

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